Zoom is a fun way to connect with people, but not quite as good as meeting people in person.

Yesterday, I connected with our writing group from a hotel room in Toronto, using Zoom

Xtra credit should be given to me for doing this in the middle of a busy travelling schedule.

We drove from Ottawa to Toronto, and it was a very long six-hour drive, with some stops on the way.

Vegetarian food is amazing in Toronto, especially Indian vegetarian food like dosas.

Upma is my wife’s favorite food as its light on the tummy, although I prefer uthappam.

Trust me, Guru Lakshmi restaurant in Toronto serves better South Indian food than most parts of India, the dosas alone are worth dying for.

Sambhar is a bit spicy, and it hurts our stomach, as we are not used to so much spice anymore.

Roads are very good in Toronto but very crowded, with hundreds of cars rushing around like crazy on the six lane highways

Quickness and speed are the order of the day in such a big town but most of the activity seems pointless to me.

People don’t even think why are doing this, they just go faster and faster on this treadmill called big city life.

Of course, its important to make a living but surely, we don’t need a lot to live on.

Needless activity simply becomes a mad rush to nowhere in particular.

Much haste causes waste, and this, I believe, is at the root of all our  problems.

Less is always more, if we consume less, we have more of everything.

Knowledge is more important than rushing around to make more money.

Just let go of everything we don’t need and focus on what is really important.

I, the ego, is what makes us want more and more.

Hurry doesn’t solve any problem

Get what you need, forget what you want, or what the advertisers tells you that you want.

Fools keep rushing in, wise people know when to stop.

Ease up, slow down, the world will not stop if you stop doing things.

Demand less from this world and you will get more satisfaction.

Come away from all your trivial pursuits.

Believe me, nothing is everything.

Always remember that life is about being happy, not trying to be happy with more things.

This was written in just a few minutes as part of Medha ji’s writing workshop