In to the woods, the wind just flows so freely. All thou there is so much trees and bushes. Still it( the air) does not feel claustrophobic. It makes our face glow and brings a freshness with it. It has stories to narrate if we keep silent. The stories are from far, far way. The wind has brought them from the land of the seas and ocean, the place where ganga flows and the sound of the bells still exists in her being. The hustle of the city and the prayers of people who want you to hear their prayers. The blessing of the great sages who have left the Earth many years ago but the breath still feels alive in the air.

The sunlight which pass through it and make the woods glow in the golden light. Don’t forget the bees that like to dance between the woods in a small space where the sunlight makes them the star of the day. The bees dance in their own harmony; they have their humming music along with them. Telling us to dance on our own music. A music which comes from within, I wonder how the wind makes everything thing looks so fresh and compact. Even the tall trees have ample of space to flutter them self in the narrow path.

I love when the air brushes my hair and make me ready for the day, I love to walk in the woods where the air is just so free.