When for the first time I conceived the idea of so grand a universe; an unimaginably large being, I was just awestruck. It was a fear of a different kind that appeared so thick and beyond my logic. I couldn’t sleep and kept on figuring¬† all night who could answer to it in the best possible way. The first thing was to find my teacher the next morning I reached my school.I stood like a stupefied warrior before my teacher talking to him in broken sentences about my troubles of the last night.¬†
I began to say, ” it’s too big a universe (in fact, they say there are multiverses). How to know about it all. One thing leads to another not only what is big and visible but also at the subatomic levels. It really a gigantic mechanism and a network of mysterious forces. I feel myself nowhere”. And the answer came in a very lighthearted and musical tone, “Knowledge is not so easy”. It was quick and worked like a flash of thunderbolt. Of course, it worked wonder. I am still in the process of seeking the ‘Truth’ and now the grandeur of the universe does not freak me out anymore. Now I am really full of wonderfulness around me.