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त्राणाय कारुण्य-घनाघनत्वम्

प्राप्तस्य कल्याण-गुणार्णवस्य

वन्दे गुरोः श्री-चरणारविन्दम्

Obeisance to Swami ji 🎂🙏💐

I see manifestation of Vishnu Sahsranama recited by Swami ji, in every leaf and every flower that blooms and grow around ashram and it’s premises.

Thanks to Swami Vidu ji for sharing the account of consecration day in such detail. And thanks to Sadhvi Vrinda ji for putting those accounts in her fine words. 

As Vidya Swami ji describes the event of consecration day it almost feels like we entered the world of mysticism, love, passion, care and compassion. Day of great blessing on the humanity for years to come.

I asked Sri Hari Bhagwaan – oh Lord! Just like the mirror broke after having your glimpse post consecration ceremony why didn’t my eyes experience such pierce when I saw you first time so that my afflictions crack within! Am I so stiff?! – I asked Lord! 😃 He smiled mischievously! 

Bahgwaan ji arrived so gently and yet so gloriously. Amongst his devotees.

I quote from Om Swami : As We Know Him Part 2 Chapter – Bhagwaan

In the past, I had witnessed countless miracles in Gurudev’s presence, but this day was unlike any other. Behind closed doors, the mystical was coming to life from stone and flesh. One was the dark vigraha, sculpted of black granite – silent, watchful, still – the Lord immanent awaiting. And the other: the living, moving, breathing one performing the dashamaha mudra (ten great mudras) with swift, graceful movements of His fingers. This is a set of special mudras performed by the practitioners of Sri Vidya to invoke the Para Shakti, the supreme Goddess. Its significance is such that it can scarce be explained in a book. A myriad things defy explanation with Gurudev, anyway.

It is a blessing to witness and hear about the blessed day in one way or another. Some visuals from the Blessed once in a many lifetimes day! 

Temple main entrance - There are other two side entrance ( specifying it for those who have not visited Sri Hari Bhagwaan 

Swami ji and Vidyananda Swami ji 😃

Swami ji seated on His asana Koti Pranam Swami ji 🎂😃🙏💐

Swami ji in Bhava for the Lord. 🙏🙌💐

From that day's celebration🎉🎊🎉 🤩🙏

Away from ashram with poems and bhagwaan’s awareness and communion in heart and mind enabled stellar and divine day’s celebrations. With a blessed culmination with virtual discourse and darshan. 😃🙏🥳❤💐

Once again, Happy Birthday Sri Hari Bhagwaan ji 😃🎂😍🍫🙏💐🙌❤

Please stay in our hearts. Bless us with your presence and love. Shower your kind heart on silly us. 🙌😍❤🙏

Hope each one of us enjoyed as much. 

Jai Sri Hari 💐