Being a doctor is hailed as one of the noblest professions. Yes, it is noble no doubt, but there is one profession which in my view point is far far more noble… That is the profession of a staff nurse. 

Behind every successful doctor, is a team of hard working staff nurses. While a doctor prescribes the medicine, it is administered to the patient by the sister. It is the sisters who are with the sick persons looking after their every need. They are on their toes day and night attending to calls, so much so that they don’t even have food on time. They do everything for the patient from giving them bath to cleaning up their soiled diapers, from dressing up their wounds to holding their hands to help them ease the pain. Not only in the wards, but even in the operation theatre, the staff nurse plays a very important part. It’s only with their efficient assistance that any surgery however simple or complicated can be performed with ease.

The life of a staff nurse isn’t an easy one. Often, they are not from very economically strong backgrounds. And their salaries are not that high either. So they cannot afford to have a domestic help at home. They get up early in the morning, finish off all the work at home, and still manage to come to work by 8 o clock in the morning. And then they tirelessly carry out their work. 

There is this beautiful sister in my hospital, who is posted in the labour room. She is more than 60 years old. But when she is on day duty, she reaches the hospital at 8 sharp in the morning, after finishing all work at home. When I asked her how she manages all that, she humbly replies, “It has been that way from a long time. My mother died when I was very young. So I am used to doing all the work.” All day she is active, going around doing whatever we ask her to do. Actually, having her around is a big solace. Her calm demeanor and wise remarks based on her long years of experience are a great help to us when we are in a difficult situation.  She is someone we can totally rely upon. As long as the patients are under her care, we are fully assured that they will be looked after very well.

This post is to express my deep gratitude to these beautiful angels who are always working tirelessly to make a sick person feel a little better. May God shower his blessings on these angels.. 💕💕