Seeing an ant reminded me of something my mother often used to tell me: do today, what you want to accomplish tomorrow. Which means preparing better for tomorrow.

Once upon a time, the cuckoo and the ant shared a tree. The ant worked hard, whereas the cuckoo was fun-loving and lazy. Cuckoo always slept, sang, danced, and ate, and she thought she was the most intelligent because she feels she is living her life to the fullest without worrying about anything.

But the little ant lived in a very different universe. It was productive and diligent. It was constantly looking for and acquiring high-quality goods, as well as constructing a magnificent residence. Finding and acquiring high-quality foods, build and maintain the house, and take care of the yard was her full-time job.   Meanwhile, the cuckoo refuses to put up any effort to ensure a brighter tomorrow. 

This cuckoo envied ant since she couldn’t be as disciplined and hardworking as ant because it’s neither easy nor humorous. She is constantly looking for ways to be happy and live an easy existence.

“Why are you working so hard?” cuckoo asked, “come into the sunshine and listen to my beautiful voice.”

However, the ant continued her work. She said” I am lying in a store for the winter. Sunny days won’t last forever.”

“Winter is so far away,” laughed the cuckoo back.

And when winter hit, the ant settled into her comfortable home. She had enough food to last the entire winter. There was nothing for the cuckoo to eat. she was hungry and drenched. So she went to the ant and begged for shelter and food from her.

It demonstrates that if one does not plan for the future, she/he is doomed to suffer. In the parable, the cuckoo represents those people who are not clever enough to save for the future. As the cuckoo did, these unfortunate souls were put in a difficult predicament. It’s an embarrassing scenario.

It weakens them and lowers their morale. But there are those who are fearless, such as the ant. Their bravado stems solely from their planned life. They live happily ever after. It is our everyday life. We should think like an ant, not a cuckoo. It makes our lives easier.

We’ve witnessed similar occurrences in our lives. When everything is perfect and there is plenty of time, many students will not study effectively and will not prepare well for the exam. When it comes to exams, they start pleading for help from clever students.

Similarly, many people have squandered their youth, strength, and opportunity, and when it comes time to retire, they have no resources left and must labour hard in their old age (this may not be the same case).

 An ant can teach you a lot of things. I’ll list a handful of them here.

 Never give up: If the ants decide to get some food, they do it without hesitation regardless of the weather—whether it’s bright, chilly, or raining. But many people never succeed because of a lack of consistency and commitment.  When we give up, we are most at risk. And when it become our habit then we will not succeed in any thing. Consistency is the key to accomplishing any work or objective. So keep trying. Never give up. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try again. This is what makes ants special. For whatever reason, they never give up.  And this is the most important lesson we can learn from ants.

Live by design: The ant planned a life she was happy with, and she proudly carried it through. She prepared for winter during the summer, which is a crucial point of view. She gathered her food for the winter in the middle of the summer. That indicates that she was writing her life’s script for a better life in the present for  the coming winter (future). In a manner similar to this, choosing the right course of action now will benefit a future you cannot yet envision..

Be flexible and ready to adopt the change:  Ant is well aware of her desires and actions. She was searching everywhere for food and carrying it, even if it was larger. It was open to the act of seeking for it and carrying it further and further. It teaches us to have defined objectives while remaining flexible regarding the path we should take to get there.Keep in mind that if you can’t adapt, life makes you irritable.

Do not loose the opportunity:   The chance to create the future you want is now. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. The same is true with ants, who never miss an opportunity to gather food. They put forth daily effort till they acquire the required amount of food.

The ants theory is really amazing. But I ask you, please don’t take yourself too seriously. Add some excitement too. It improves both the quality and comfort of living.

Thank you,