Blog- The art of  aging well

There  are three types of age – chronological, biological, and psychological age , if you are 70 yrs . old by your birth date , it is chronological age , and if  you are healthy  by 80%, then your biological age is 70x 80 = 56 means you are 56 yrs old and if you think psychologically that you are 22 yrs and playing badminton or Tennis 🎾 or Golf ⛳️ , you are actually 22 yrs , your thought is your life . Why do people aging differently , brain aging is one of the most traumatic of any process happened to humanity . Actually we never thought towards our computer ( brain faculty ) gifted by God and not giving the values to it . , this is only the organ of body which takes highest energy ie 25 percent of total energy of body and 25 % supply of total blood in our body ie 5 🩸litres of blood , this is the only parts we ignore , we never thought to update and do annual maintenance . It’s best maintenance and food is meditation , peace and calmness no aggression   When your in aggression 🧠brain starts weeping and you come  under the grip of  stress and strain .  Whole life gets futile ( useless   Incapable ). Please mind your mind and brain .

Om Shanti

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