These days the winds are cold over here.  In these mountains. The valley is ready for the another spring called ‘The Autumn.’ Everything thing is preparing itself for its welcome, even me.  The clouds have become less dark. The water from them has taken away all the sorrows from the surface. Everything feels so fresh. Like the tresses has bared the fruits and now ready to shed the leaves. While they do so, you will see me dancing among them. Something like, me surrendering myself to the nature. Let mother earth heal me through embracing my skin and letting the whole nature go into hibernation.

The whole valley will sleep in the laps of the nature. With winters bring a deep rest to all the mankind. The grass in the meadows are being chopped for the cattle’s to be fed in the winters’ days. The Deities are preparing them self to visit the Himalayas for meditation (this is what I have been told by my grandma, as they do taap in these mighty mountains.)  the mountains will be soon covered with snow and the white cover will engulf my valley. The rivers will be fed on the water from the streams. Which comes from the scared lakes from the glaciers. Making the water and the river holy. Let river Beas also rejoice its calmness. The monsoon, has taken a lot of his energy.

Me going to hot spring for a holy bath in the  morning. Let Rishi Vashisht bless me with his holy water. Let the water take away my tiredness and let the Sulphur make my body clam and free. The water is just warm and refreshing in winter day. And, this all starts as the autumn arrives. I live completely a different life ; altogether. Where the valley is being shunned off with electricity for days. Families, sit beside the firework and try to make figure in the shadow with the light of the fire.

People try to engulf the darkness. There is peace all around when it snows. There are old hymns and good old songs which were sung by our ancestor’s. With a story session from our elders. For, me it was always my Dadi. Who, sang for me told stories of our culture, we used to sing our native songs. I guess we had our favorite song called ‘ LAAL CHIDDIYE’. ( It is a metaphor used when a girl gets married, at our place in old days, she used to wear a red Pattu. Pattu is our traditional dress. Red used to show her new marriage. The song portrays the transformation for a girl to a woman.)

We used to sing for the stars and the moon. And now I look for her in them.

You can also have a share of my life. Just visit my place for once. And the cold air reminds me of the freshness it brings of autumn being near to me. The autumn has my heart, it is so beautiful and just right for me to bring and adapt different prospective to my life. To make it a good one for me and be fortunate enough to see an another autumn in my life cycle.

Happy autumn. Happy October.