You might disagree and feel that I’m using a feminine card to prove my point. But, the truth is that the world needs female power. In these times when Covid has made us so worthless. The second wave of this virus is taking away our identity. Let’s accept the fact that a better leadership is been need to have an edge over the solution.

There was news in the first wave of covid-19 that the country with a female leadership was able to come over the pandemic in an effective way within a short span of time. I’m sorry to say this I respect all the gender. Still, the care and the tenderness lies with the females, the mothers. Maybe that’s why nature is called ‘THE MOTHER EARTH’.

Let’s understand a child can only understand something when he or she is handled with love and care. How long will fear and supremacy run? (no intention to let down anyone). My pure views or observation on how the leadership in today’s world is going. Nobody wants to speak the truth, and no one wants to see anyone grow, nobody wants to work together. Everyone is so blind folded in running the race; which never exist. We need to pause, and give it a thought.
If I need proof to explain my work. We call it ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAY’. We already live in a female country. Why are we not able to understand the behavior? The world is crying for care and love.

And, what are we giving it?