My mother always use to teach me a proverb that holds a very deep meaning which I want to share with os. me family i.e. The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists which is a Japanese proverb that depicts that you should bend sometimes according to the situation. It is important to understand that bamboo is stronger even though it bends down. Bending down does not necessarily mean that you are lagging.

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists, says do not hold a rigid character all the time. It’s not necessary to keep ego all the time sometimes according to time and situations a person has to keep his ego aside and bend in front of others. When you bend down, you simply do it because you thought that to be the right decision as per the circumstances around you.

Some people thought that bending affects their self-respect but it’s a misconception sometimes a person should bend to save a relationship or to stop the argument because the “ego” is just a small three-letter word but it can destroy twelve letters long word  “relationship”.

The oak may resist, but even if it seems strong, it could prove weak only because it didn’t know to bend down when the situation was unfavorable. If you have to bend according to circumstances, do not mind doing so because that will give you a higher return later on.

When you are pushed to the ground through adversity, do you break or do you bounce back? What do you think of this question?

According to me if a person is pushed to the ground he will bounce back to the sky with more speed instead of breaking down. A person should be like a spring if another person presses you down try to get up to heights with more strength.


               Author – Palak Bedi

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