I came across a picture which provoked me to contemplate on the matter. The picture had something written on it which said- ‘Ladkion khudh kama kar apna ghar khareed lo, kunki, maa baap ke liye tum paraya dhan ho aur sasural valon ke liye tum paraye ghar se aai ho’ which in English translates to ‘girls earn your own living and buy a house for yourself, because for your parents you are somebody else’s wealth, and for your in-laws you have come from somebody else’s house.’

Now this is true and it struck me deeply and it shows the plight of women in a patriarchal society where their parents leave them in care of another family and the in-laws’ family doesn’t accept them fully and still think of them as somebody else’s daughter. So, women (and men) should be a master of their own lives first, then if they are good themselves and lucky, they may get good in-laws who accept them as their own. Marriage is a complex play anyway and I fail to understand it properly.

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