When wind takes the stride

Gussing flow of happiness

Fills my heart with the beauty

Pristine and pure

Nobody ever can fathom

The course of its flow

Basking into it’s beauty

The day is sweet

Filled with hope

Heart filled with love

Empty mind

Rejoicing the rhythm of winds

Hooking up with its flow

Twist and turnĀ 

Up and down

An arduous path

Taken with wind

Untill the wind and meĀ 

Unite and flowĀ 

Gentle and smooth

as smooth as butter

as soft as cotton

Sitting in lap

Glaring on shining moonĀ 

Smiling and shiny

Glowing my heart

Brimming with joy

With heart’s gentlenessĀ 

Beauty of being

In ecstasy I flow

High and high

With love in my heart.Ā 

Ā Jai Sri Hari šŸŒ¹šŸ™


Neelam Om

P.S. In the poem, wind here represents God with whom we all takes on the journey of life with the sole purpose of finding him and flow like a breeze in ecstasy of being soaked in divine love. To spread the love of divine wherever we go making the divine connection grow stronger with the beautiful life we are blessed with. I hope you all relate with it. The moment we walk with God, life takes a new meaning.