1. The journey to new life begins with a new way of thinking, so wake up. 

2. yes, life is hard and life is struggle but is it different for anybody else? Our struggles shape us. Just like how a bodybuilder builds his/her body. If they are serious about bodybuilding they’ll have to look at those weights as a rewarding task and not as a struggle.

3. The results depend on our mindset.

4. Our nature has evolved with challenges. It will continue to stretch you on the basis of your capabilities. You cannot reduce the magnitude of those challenges, if you have something to offer, nature will extract it from you.

5. But we can reduce the intensity and frequency of these challenges by simplifying our life starting with decluttering. 

6. Impermanence is the essence of existence. Our world is intact because it’s constantly changing. And the root for our struggles is our want for permanence. 

7. If someone/something doesn’t want to be in your life, let them go. One day it will all perish anyway. Seperation from our loved ones isn’t a question of “if” but “when”. It is bound to happen at some point.

8. The moment you realise that nothing lasts forever and you feel okay with it, enlightenment is imminent.

9. Be kind all times. And you will be awakened. Samasara, even if transient and illusory, couldn’t be more beautiful then.

10. Always draw your energy and inspiration from whoever is the centre of your life.If the centre of your life is beauty, divinity, compassion, god and such like,you’ll become an embodiment of that.

In love, you become the one you love.