Death is not only unpredictable, it is also even-handed.
Not only it catches one unawares, it also doesn’t discriminate between a newly born child and an octogenarian!

I have found that there are two ways in which one can bid goodbye to this world :

(a) When one’s body leave one.
(b) When one leaves one’s body.

Try loving intensely anything belonging to this material world. Take it from me, you’ll ultimately be a loser. You’ll be deceived by the same thing on which you have showered your affection, in which you have reposed your utmost trust.

I have discerned that any material thing, be it money or relation, that gives joy initially, would finally prove to be a pain in one’s neck.

King Midas was crazy for gold. The “yellow metal” brought ruin to him, proved to be his nemesis. The wealthy monarch finally died due to “starvation”.

Eminent business tycoon Vijaypat Singhania, the man behind the ultra – successful clothing brand “Raymond” is now a disillusioned person. He is living a melancholic life, in isolation. Once the owner of numerous palatial houses, he is now living in indigence, in a small rented house. The apple of his eye – his doting son, has ditched him, usurped all his properties, possessions.

Similarly, anyone pampering the body, kowtowing to it’s unreasonable demands, would be deserted by the body.

When the body becomes tired of one, it leaves one. This is called “Death”.

“Death” means bidding goodbye to this world, albeit temporarily.
Surely one would again return to this miserable, illusory world, in the human, animal or an insect garb so as fulfill one’s stupid, ceaseless cravings.

“Death” in the form of a venomous serpent has already gripped each of us. With it’s mouth wide open, it is ready to bite, make a final onslaught.
Before the body becomes fed up of you, outwit it, drop it.
Emphatically say “NO” to the whims of the greedy body.

When one leaves one’s body – pays no heed to it’s irrational wants, one ultimately attains the state of “Desirelessness” which is called “Meditation”.

Through meditation, one bids goodbye to this torturous world, permanently.
Practise meditation. Unite with the Supersoul (Paramatma). Unshackle yourself from the chains, pains of birth and death. Believe me, this is one’s biggest, sole obligation in this disloyal world.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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