Dearest Swami,

Did you know? It’s your birthday today!!!:) And it’s party time for your fun-loving favourite kids! Please read till the end. Pretty please…

As you know everything, you must also be aware that I am always lost for words to describe your magnificence. The English language doesn’t do any justice to my thoughts and feelings about You. Perhaps others also share this dilemma!  Subsequently, a few months ago, we came up with a new language. The only language which can do full justice to You. To Your glories and You, Swami, who is the love in our hearts.

This little poem dedicated to You. You will find the English to be fun and … fun…

The sun and the warmth of the sun is Swami
The beauty of Autumn is Swami
The hope of Spring is Swami
The softness of the breeze is Swami

The murmuring music of river Giri is Swami
The divine sound of chirping birds is Swami
The bliss of silence is Swami
My transformation is Swami
The permanence in my life is Swami
The happiness in my laughter is Swami
The kindness in my smile is Swami
The overwhelming love in my heart is Swami
The spark in my eyes is Swami
The softness of my touch is Swami
My newfound life is Swami
The essence of my existence is Swami
Swami is whom I wake up for
Swami is whom I live for
Swami is whom I serve the world for
Everything is Swami
You are That.
Love is Swami.
Truth is Swami.
All is Swami.

You are.
You came.
You gave us love and life.
Happy birthday to You, my Beloved Swami.

That’s a lot of ‘Swami’ in one poem, and I know You are not fond of hearing Your glories. But Your birthday is our celebration:) 

You just read this poem in the language of Swamili. In Swamili, there are no nouns, verbs or adjectives after Swami. But instead almost every word, we wish to use in any sentence, precedes Swami. The final word is always Swami:) Because You are the anchor of our lives, no matter what, ultimately, we are holding onto you very tight. Swami is our refuge. Our refuge is Swami.

Let me introduce the Swamili dictionary:

Swamily: The word used to describe something which happened randomly (by coincidence). By Swami’s grace.

Swamagic: When you are lost for words about something which happened magically by the grace of Swami. 

Swamiazing: When your life is so amazing with Swami’s presence. Someone asks: How’s life? Life is Swami-azing!:)

This post is purely out of deep love, reverence and utmost respect, trying to make you smile. Offering You my sincere obeisances and infinite gratitude (The rest, You know:)). 

I wish you the happiest birthday ever, my Beloved Father.

Forever Adoring You,

Your little child

Disclaimer: If you had some seriousness juice earlier today, please take a pill of humour and chew it properly. Then re-read this post. Let’s do what Swami loves doing; Caring, Loving, Laughing and Being in Bliss.

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