‘Kuch pannhe khali bhai chod do’

Let some pages be free. Why they have to always carry your burden. Let them breath. Keep them empty.
Why do you need to cover every line and want to connect each dot. The space should help you mind think. How, not every time you are worried or happy. Somedays, you are just empty and clean.

You just want to be nothing do nothing. Just want to sense. You being simply a part of the whole existence. You are equal to the small fish, the tiny flower, the strong mountains, heavy as the rock and light as the air. You are just something.

Don’t tag your self to something which owes an explanation. We have none. Let words never live. And be the language that is more sophisticated than the usual wording we speak. Let your eyes, hands and body do the communication stop acting like the barrier to your virtue.

How tricky this might be. we don’t know? Unless we try to do so. Ask yourself of when we just left a blank page; neat and clean. Let it be as it was. Just trespass it. Don’t destroy the sanctity or the decorum of its originality.

Remember, no matter how white the page might be, it can get dirty by the slightest stain also.