Recently i met a group of freinds who all through our the meeting talked about different gratification methods to satisfy their biological needs from drinks to exotic food platters,to holidaying with unknown foreigners in beach villas and feeling enlightened and one with universe  while indulging in external stimuli. I sat there listening in awe and feeling like an alien.Either they were too primitive or from another society,strata and mindset or Swami ji s magic wand had done something known as turning inwardin me.

 So i do contemplate, mindfuly analyse and enjoy myself with myself! It’s not that i don’t falter but i again get up and start walking without the fear of feeling judged. My freinds laughed on me thinking i m too naive and rustic simpleton to know not certain high class society things but the nectar which has intoxicated me always keeps me in high! Have u tasted the nectar yet?