Let us first look at a shor story from the epic mahabharata:-

Kurushektra, the great war of Mahabharatha, was over. Despite being reluctant, Krishna convinced Dharma to wear the throne of the Hastinapur, as its king. The grand ceremony of crowning the new king concluded. Its time to part. Krishna said his customary greetings to the new King Dharma and to the other Pandava brothers — Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadev.

While he was about to board his ratha, his eyes were searching for someone. There stood Kuntidevi, the Godmother, among the kins.

Krishna said his greetings to her as well, ‘I shall make a leave now, Kuntidevi!’

‘Sure,’ said Ranimatha. ‘Before you leave, can you grant me a blessing?’ she asked.

‘Of course’ said Krishna with all his magnanimity.

What shall the old lady ask? A prayer bead, some ritual materials, or goodness for her 5 sons and their kins, motcha for her dead son, Karna…

What else…

‘Tell me, Kuntidevi. What do you want? Whatever you ask, will be granted,’ said Krishna.

Kunti asked, ‘Krishna, I want sufferings. I want pain. I want more sufferings and pain!’
Everyone present there were shocked.

Krishna asked, ‘Kunti… Aren’t you already in great pain and suffering? you didn’t grow at your own home; You couldn’t nurture your own son Karna; You became mother, when you didn’t want. When you wanted, you were denied of motherhood; You lost Pandu, your husband, to fate; You were always in fear that the Gauravas would avenge and kill your 5 sons; People suffer if they have bad children — but you suffered despite having good children; You were made to wander in forests, to beg, to starve; You were humiliated in Hastinapur; Lost your grandchildren in Kurukshetra.’

‘Isn’t this enough? You still want more sufferings? People only ask for pain-less life, why are you asking for pain? Why? Why?” he asked.

Kunti smiled. She said,

‘In all my sufferings, whom did I think and pray? You. Every time, you came and supported me, guided me. If there were no sufferings, am I going to think about you? You are not going to come by my side. I believe that suffering is the route to attain You!’


Now when most of us visit temple don’t we ask for happiness,wealth and properity for ourselves and for our known ones.No, i am not discouraging someone ,god is one and for all .In above story mata Kunti asked for more sufferings which leaves everyone awstruck but if we analyse very clearly it is the best boon one can ever have ….Most of us feel sad when we suffer beacause things are not going according to us and we pray to god as we feel god is the most closest to us at that time …even i when at a party or at a ceremony dont remember god i think most of us dont but is it digestable…just when a child needs something he approaches his or her parents…if i would be a parent i would really get upset as my child don’t have any love or affection for me. Analogically we are so engrossed in temporary world that sorrow help us remembering who we eternally are ,if  wouldn’t have been sorrow then i dont think we will visit our eternal parents even once neither internally nor in a temple.I know one thing god loves us more than we can love ourselves .So is it a sin in asking happiness from god? 

the answer is NO! ask for the happiness which lasts forever not this tiny cheap thrills and things .these are the very cause of why we are not the masters of ourselves . i am not saying leave everything and go to forest but at least mentally we can detach ourselves from this temporary world ,Also DETACHMENT DOESNOT MEAN YOU OWN NOTHING IT MEANS NOTHING OWN YOU.

Love everyone as the very embodiment of god …many folks call the world an illusion but i dont think so ….everything is just so temporary that people started calling it as an illusion …..But remember we all are here to realise our eternal nature of who we are.

As a wiseguy said “suffering eternal but pain/sorrow is optional” must be contempelated.Don’t let anything control you neither these temporary things nor this self made ignorance. 

jai gurudev

jai hari har devi om

~A servent of all who are trying to realise .


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