A metal block thrown into the ocean sinks, but a ship that’s many times the weight floats. How does that happen? That’s the power of creating the right conditions. The same applies to our minds as well.

Due to our life experiences, our minds tend to remain closed to new ideas. That’s a roadblock in both writing and our spiritual progress. Therefore, the key to success is to loosen up. In other words, we must create the right conditions by opening up the mind.

In writing, that opening up of our minds is called the Idea Generation. In short, we can go nowhere if our mind doesn’t flow freely. As I had written earlier, an excellent method of letting the mind flow is the finish-the-story game. There’s another activity that can help – the brainstorming game.

That’s enough of a lecture! Now, let me share some details about the brainstorming game. The only requirement here is to let your mind go crazy. Below is how you play this game:

  • Generate a topic using a random word generator (here) or story idea generator (here). 
  • Let go and write 5-10 lines on that theme.
  • Try to go as crazy with your ideas as possible.

For example, let’s say the theme is My Food Fantasies. Here’s an example of how your write-up can look:

Do you know? My fantasy about food isn’t the eating part. Sometimes, I stare at my kitchen stove and let my imagination run wild. I envision a fairy godmother walking into my kitchen and waving her wand. Magically, the utensils fly around, and the knife cuts the veggies on its own.

Life seems nothing short of wonder until a sharp smell reaches my nose. Oops! I burnt my food again. I pick up my phone and make a call. Lo and behold! My fairy godmother delivers pizza for dinner, and my fantasy comes true.

Open up your mind to new possibilities. Play this writing game, give your thoughts an outlet and let your imagination go crazy! Then, with a calm and clutter-free mind, watch yourself grow spiritually and as a writer. All the best to each one of you.