Shopkeeper barked to get the balloons packet out. The moment he had feared, had come. His name was Bubble. Bubble thought he was the ugliest kid. Soon he was about to take a big step in his life. He was going to leave his lovely house and was about to get out.

He knew once he was out, there was no way he could come back; he will have to leave his friends and family behind forever. This was therefore a big day for Bubble.  But more than leaving his friends and family, Bubble had other fears. Bubble was scared that because of his ugly looks no one would accept him. And to make matters worse, Bubble was going to be accompanied by his best friend Gum, who was most handsom of the lot. But still he held his brave face and stepped out.

Bubble was handed over to a little girl; it was her birthday. Zoey the b’day girl took them with her to her house. Over the years Bubble and Gum had heard stories of birthday parties, how exuberant they were, how the walls were decorated  with loads of balloons, there was music and food everywhere. But when Zoey took Bubble and Gum to their home they soon found it was unlike what they had heard. 

Zoey was not a rich girl, in fact she spent most of her time on the roads. Disappointed were Bubble and Gum. They didn’t know what was to come; they didn’t know how much longer they would stay with Zoey and in her tacky home. So they decided to run away from the home but where would they go? They had no place to go.

Bubble said, “I think we should stay here and not try to run away, it’s not that bad a place.” But Gum didn’t want to stay, he wanted to be free in the open. He said to Bubble, “What are you scared of? Anyway, sooner or later this girl would kill us with her own hands, so do you want to die in small filthy house.”

Bubble didn’t have any answer so he remotely agreed, and then they planned their escape. So one day when the door was open both decided to run away. As soon as they left the house there was a sense of relief. But now they had no plan where to go. So they kept flying until disaster struck. Gum was taken down by a kite. Bubble was lost now he was alone he had no place to go.

Zoey, on the other hand, found out that her two precious things were gone. She cried a lot that night. Zoey was a very affectionate girl. She was broken. Hours passed, Bubble didn’t find any home he was lost and alone. Finally, Bubble landed in a garden and soon he was surrounded by lots of children, who took Bubble and started to play with him.

Bubble was quietly enjoying all the attention. He also liked the fact that he made the children laugh and giggle. But soon it got darker and after playing with bubble for an hour they left Bubble alone. Bubble was again alone but same time was happy as well.

Bubble that night had a sleepless night. Just before the sun would beep from the clouds, Bubble heard a big roaring noise… Something was coming his way. That’s when he saw the janitor coming his way with broomstick. Bubble closed his eyes as he thought that was the end of his life. But the janitor softly placed him in his bag and started to clean again. Bubble was confused.

Later that night, the janitor took Bubble out of his bag and handed it to his daughter. Bubble noticed that the janitor’s daughter was handicapped that made him little sad, but there was no sadness on the face of his daughter. She played with Bubble like any other kid. She tickled him, she punched him, for once, even Bubble felt good about himself seeing that l’il girl smile. However, fate had other things planned for Bubble, that night a strong wind started to blow and Bubble who was near the window was squandered.

Meanwhile, Zoey kept searching for Bubble and Gum everywhere but in vain. It was only the next day that Zoey found Bubble lying by the roadside.  Soon the balloon was back with Zoey. Zoey now took care of Buble all the more and did not let him out of her sight; she took the balloon everywhere she went.

Bubble was also happy to stay with Zoey, he also became fond of Zoey, although he missed Gum. Same day, Zoey saw another little poor kid who was crying. Zoey wanted to help the kid but had no idea what to do. So Zoey gave her precious gift Bubble. It was hard on Zoey to give Bubble away but with having no other option she gave Bubble away. Thus bringing an end of a beautiful relationship.

The next day, Bubble met with an accident and lost his life. The sacred, ugly Bubble had died, but while he was alive he had touched many hearts, he had spread many smiles, and he stopped many tears.