There are close to 7.1 billion mobile phones in the world today which is close to 90% of the world’s population and the count is on rise as you are reading this. Although it seems, humans are getting more connected across geographies through phones & the internet, it’s just a secondary reality.

Modern scientific discoveries are revealing that the entire universe is originated from quantum fluctuations out of nothingness or a subtle Field. I visualize this field as the cinema screen upon which different plays and stories of life are played! There is a common ground on which the whole creation is manifested, evolved, and connected. Everything is inherently connected to everything else, whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not.

Here is a small fiction story of a Master and his disciple. The disciple keeps bluntly arguing with the master for small and big things, and, the conversation ends up in enlightenment for the disciple.

One day, the Master was sitting under a tree meditating. After a while, the disciple came rushing and woke him up.

Master I have read in the scripture that everything is connected. This cannot be true I will prove it to you.

He pointed out to a donkey standing at some distance.

Disciple: you see this! I am not connected to that stupid donkey. I don’t have any relationship with him now, nor shall I have in the future.
Master:  Alright My friend, then with whom are you connected right now?
Disciple: Well, I am connected to my parents & friends.

Master looked around and said,  I don’t see you are connected to your parents & friends. I don’t see them here.
Disciple:  Oh Master that’s not what I mean. I mean I love them.

Master again looked in a bewildered way. I don’t see you are loving them right now!
Disciple with irritated tone: Master please see this! I am thinking and talking about them right now. 

Master: I see that.  You also said you are not connected to that donkey.
Disciple with confidence: Yes I am not at all connected to that donkey. I think someone just abandoned him.
Master with a smile:  But I see that you are thinking & talking about that donkey right now!

The disciple bowed to the  Master!

The Butterfly effect is well known in the scientific literature. The effect talks about how an action as small as a butterfly flapping its wing contributes to creating planetary effects like hurricanes. It reinforces the fact that every individual’s action impacts every other outcome in the world, simply because they are all connected. The lesson for individuals then is to take a share of responsibility towards everything that happens around, be it a pandemic, be it climate change, be it poverty, or be it a traffic jam. At the same time, it empowers one to hold others equally accountable for their actions. Connectedness is the key to making this world a better place.

Although the internet is expanding to connect our world, the primary reality  is, it is already connected 

Let’s take a pause to realize this again. Let’s Stay Connected!

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