I loved this particular books so much that words will Never be enough to put it in words. 

Makes sense, doesn’t it. Who more qualified to write about parenting than the father of the entire world?😉

Let me try to put together some of my favorite points.

1. Every child is a promise. That promise can be turned into a genius. Such genius can be a happy person. 

2. Geniuses are born. If you want your child to be a genius, start coaching them from as early as three years old.

3. Your kid should have a habit of reading. Reading is non negotiable. Such kids never lose their track. They don’t get lost in the world. ( Not in the book but from swami’s video on parenting)

4. Make them have enough hobbies so that they can express themselves (dancing or painting or Writing) and i am not talking about feel good hobby for the mere sake of passing time but professional classes that would make them confident. (From the video again)

5. A kid who has enough things for herself, who has enough hobbies will feel complete in herself and would never look at someone else for comfort and love. I can personally vouch for this one.

6 .Hitting a kid rises humiliation. Even being verbally abusive is humiliating for kids. We think they won’t mind but they do. They will get extremely confused that the person who is supposed to protect them is hurting them . They might suffer with trust issues for the rest of their life. Here i would like to add that behaving badly with your spouse also gives the same impression.

7. Your child is not you. They are a separate individual with their own set of believes and you need you respect that when they grow up.

8. Let them know what you can afford and what you can’t.

9. Good parenting does not mean to provide your kids with utmost comfort. It means to exposing your child to the truth, little by little.

10. Be gentle, praises is just as important as punishments.

I will be Sharing a lot more insights on his topic. Case studies shared by swami that blew my mind. This is undoubtedly a book you should go for. Even if you are not a parent, it will help you understand human psychology.


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