Never a story is without an ending. If it is a good happy story along with an happy ending, there wouldn’t be any need of a ‘happily ever after’. And hence such story would lose it’s sheen. Infact there wouldn’t be any need of the story afterall in that case.

A story only remains exciting and interesting untill it keeps unfolding the new unknowns, new realms of experience. If we attached and stuck ourselves to any one stage of the story, which is known and comfortable to us, we would misunderstand the ending of it, and in correct terms will lose the essence of it.

It wouldn’t be foolish, rather would be intelligent, to understand the meaning of the subjective adjectives ‘happiness’ and ‘glory’ before proceeding to make a choice. The Master has many a times elucidated the earlier one and is a living example of the later one.

So either the ending or the story, only one could be 100% satisfactory in real-time. Which one would you choose?

Hint: if you’re ready to lose anything, would you really lose anything, ever?