So as Bharat..yes this was my Mumbai colleagues name was holding a play card of my name just outside our train boggie ,i had a splitting head ache ,things had not been as pleasant in the journey aswell the dis comfort of train food and small enough birth to fitt in my tall body were quite brothersome ,so i met Bharat with an artificial snooty smile and wished him a Good day , i think its a Bombay culture to shake hands even with opposite Gender ,in Delhi 22 years back this dint exist and also did i want to appear reserved and non approachable,so he extended his hand for a hello to which i waved hi ,so hassitantly he made his hand comb and groom his well kept hair! I noticed he was in casual shirt ,good fit jeans and sport shoes unlike Delhi s prim and proper well dressed dandy executives s style ,his was casual and non impressive and very cool! He dint even pick my luggage as a womans expected privilege but when he saw me struggle carrying a heavy attachee ,he did help me ,commenting have you come for 3 days or 30,bringing this 7 kg big Baksaa ,any ways we took a taxi to my YMCA guest house ,one thing i was feeling with Bharat around was a sense of security and belongingess in an un known city ,On the way to the guest house ,i asked him to show me Gate way of India ,hotel Taj ,Marine drive ,Juhu beach and the Sea ,thats what all i had seen in Bolywood! At this Bharat said ,all these are in vicinity of 30 kms ,i have chosen venues of catering sights which u have to visit officialy in all areas of Mumbai with good tourist sights and eating joints ..i know dilli waalas are only interested in eating and flaunting their clothes! What he was saying was not a lie but i was not in a mood to giggle or gossip, Sanjay episode had somewhere jolted me ,what i meant was no non sense business! As we reached my guest house he accompanied me to my room and said you freshen up and then we ll start with our Market beat ( he was Kwality walls catering incharge for mumbai brach ) and i ll make you have Vada paav ,paav bhaaji and Tib s Kathi rolls! I came out clean and fresh with Nivea deodrant and a yellow colour laced salwar suit and black bellies but Mumbai s humidity i think made me sweat again till the time i could dress up! You look like a Baawee he said.
.i knew barbie but whats Bawee? I saw him perplexed and he said parsee women in mumbai are adressed so, first time after 6 hours i think i laughed with that ease and my usual dimple on left cheek was visible! Both of us bolted my room door and headed for the marriage venue sight where i would learn how ice cream catering department of mumbai operates! Will Bharat be my prince charming? Lets read in next write up!

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