Most of the co-incidences in our life happen in our absense

When some incidents having striking similarities happen with us in our life or around us, we call them co-incidences. I think that such co-incidences are not just casual happenings but all such events are already destined by the universal forces.

However I believe most of us hardly think about those events or incidents which actually happen in our absence. I am of my personal opinion and belief that most of the co-incidences in our life happen in our absence.

This struck my mind when one day, I was thinking about the events happening with us or around us which have the tendency to shape our lives. I realised that some events actually occur at our back without our knowledge, which have striking similarities with the events happening with or around us. Such incidents, when come to our knowledge later, prove to have made great effect on our life in one way or the other. We only come to know about such events at proper and destined time and wonder the things would have been totally different, if such events had not happened. Perpahs these are certain celestial forces working at our back which we call co-incidences. 

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