What is the colour of gold?
Is it a piece of the sun?
Burning, molten, yellow-orange?
Or is it some other shade,
One that is lost upon the layman?

Though I find that gold
Often looks a reddish hue.
There is far more red to gold
Than the shine of the bar –

Greed is the hue of gold,
You may say.
All seven shades are no doubt gold.
Yet quick to find fault in the color itself,
I say gold is red, and will always say so.

So is it a coincidence, then
That vultures circle overhead?
Where there is gold there will be vultures
Determined to take the red of gold
All for themselves.

Wiser men tell me that gold is gold.
But I have thought of it well enough.
And after hearing them I hear just myself.
Gold is red, just like blood.



  • There are two (or more) symbolic meanings to this poem. Can you find them?
  • Also, do share your interpretations. I’m curious to read them! 

– Rishi 🙂