If you are one who spends time watching web series and movies, this is one of the truths you might have heard at least once in your lifetime. “You won’t achieve anything if you lie around just watching web series and movies. You have a life, so get up and do something about it.”

Trust me, it is the truth, nothing is served in a silver platter in our life. But, there is nothing wrong with spending time watching some web series and movies in our free time. 

I have heard the dialogue from my parents for the longest of times. And I am a huge fan of a variety of web series and movies. I don’t need fancy restaurant scenes or fancy stories or some non-needed action scenes (let us agree, there are movies where a fight was just unnecessary). I would love to not leave my room for a day and just sit and watch some movies or something on Netflix; truly Netflix and chill! 

Today, I am going to say what I actually think about this.

DO IT! DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY and if it is Netflix and Chill, do it! But not on the verge of your career. I am writing this because I just completed a show which in the beginning I didn’t like much but by the end, I think it really suits its title. It is true, I am happy lying around watching web series or movies, but I sure do have a job and I still have a long way to go in my career. How much I want to cover myself in my favourite blanket, watch my favourite movie I should not do it every day. We must understand that there are things that need much more attention than we think they need and Netflix and chill are always going to be an escape from it. 

Today, when I look at the dialogue that I have heard plenty of times from my family, I can see the concern. I am not saying abandon Netflix, Prime or any other way of watching web series and movies. I know, web series and movies are full of families. Different families are meant for different times in our life because they somehow understand those particular situations of our lives better than anyone. They understand that we need someone and they come to our rescue. Have you found yourself going back to the movies when you are sad? or those movies when you are heartbroken? I have and I will always go back to those movies when I want that one thing to understand what I am going through.

BUT, not on the verge of my job or career. I want these families and they will be with me but not at the thought of losing my job. Everything is important to me and I am just trying to understand what ranks higher than others. My career or job is not the only thing that plays an important role in my life, but there are my family, friends who turned into a family and we do need that some banter with people every day. Everyone and everything plays a valid and important part in our life. Yes, we must do what makes us happy but we must not forget what these people mean to us. How maybe not sending a message intended for a long time to someone can deteriorate the relationship or how not picking up that phone and calling the friend who you are just talking with on reels? Everything is important but it is important to prioritize.

My love for movies and web series won’t leave me but I don’t work in that industry now. If ever I do, things will be different and people won’t stop me from watching more movies and web series. Huh.. what a dream!

But, importantly, Do what makes you HAPPY! But REMEMBER you have a LIFE and plan to live that the best!

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