A True Story.


It’s late evening, I shut the windows

And a painful shriek breaks the silence.

Oh! It’s smashed!! The poor lizard is crashed…

I did commit a crime, I mourn for a long time.


The old washroom, when I enter

I check every wall every corner

To find her hiding somewhere

Then relieved, for she is not there.

But in the tumbler, she was planning a prank

Up it came, running on my hand.

What happened next, don’t ask me,

I was in the washroom, you see.


One lazy morning, I lay on my bed

Up was she, Right above my head

Both, too stubborn to move a trace

And then she gave up, falling on my face

Grabbing it, I flung it away

What an awful kiss at the start of the day.


Immersed in needlecraft, of colorful threads.

I did not have any time to spare.

Just then I felt something on my lap

Who was it? I took a glimpse

Oh my god!… A lizard

The room echoed with my screams.


A decoction I prepared

With every little thing, folks said.

Having faith that it is the finest cure.

Onion, garlic, and with cow pee so pure,

I drenched the house with the spray,

The lizards remained, but we fled away.


Now they walk freely here and there

On walls, roofs, floors and everywhere

I climb screaming on tables and chairs

Praying, they do not come gliding through the air.


What have I, not at tried?

Looking at them with compassionate eyes.

Imagining, they are just harmless creatures

Making peace with them in my prayers

But the fear is just so, so deep

from my heart, It will not easily leave.


So now I ask you for your help

Do you have any tips to share?

So the next time when I see her

I just don’t want to be scared.



image: Christian Dorn from Pixabay

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