It is a scene to cherish every morning when I feed the birds. The majority of them are pigeons and crows all of whom wait eagerly for the morning breakfast. On seeing me approaching, most pigeons will take their place on the ground but few will walk along with me (for few steps) majestically to the place.  A group of impatient birds making different voices to have their morning meal. My mind does not have the ability to differentiate one crow from the other and a pigeon from the other baring the lone white pigeon.

As I start tossing their bounty all pigeons will quickly get to business without losing a second and without making any noise. Quietly they will continue to eat rapidly until such time that the feed is over. During this phase, the crows are seen cawing on top of their voice supposedly trying to make their presence noticeable.

Here is the meat of the matter. The stage is set up- pigeons are busy- crows are awaiting their dough before their favorite Biscuit Parle-G is offered to them. Of the crowd of about 20 crows, it is nearly impossible to ensure that everyone gets something primarily because of the challenge of similarity.

In this crow crowd, some are agitated, some are clever.  Few are athletic and a couple of them appears to be sick or lazy. I also observe a mother crow in the crowd because she is always found busy feeding a baby crow who alone makes the maximum noise in the group.  The agitated lot in the group will generally fight with their peers to grab extra share. If they lose the fight with their counterpart or they don’t get the bounty after their struggle, they appear to get more agitated and angrily they will catch hold of any of the pigeon from their rear feather making it difficult for the poor pigeon to get itself released. No one comes for help.  Rule is clear- you have to fight your own battle.

The clever one will try to grab others bounty after already having one in his/her mouth without making much fuss but by being pushing himself/herself onto others. The athletic one will try to grab the dough in the air before it meets another mouth. I generally make small pieces of the dough and toss them in the air. This athletic lot appears to be amazingly alert. I guess these can sense my hand movements in advance and sometimes grab the dough which is far away from their reach.  The lazy or the sick are seen standing far away from the battleground leaving things on fate.

In this ‘Bounty grab’ game there is one more category of crows that could not escape my eyes. The quiet and the docile one. These will park themselves near to me hoping to get noticed sometime but will not make any unnecessary noise nor will attempt any somersault in the air.

My approach extent possible is to ensure that everyone gets something, including the sick, the lazy, the docile, and the mother. As said above I generally toss the dough in the air in different directions based on randomness.

The clever, the agitated, the young athlete will anyway grab it somehow but in between my mind will turn towards the docile ones who are waiting without disturbing the environs. Somewhere deep inside the feeling is that the simple and docile one should get it easily. I try to throw a bit of extra bounty towards the mother crow for some reason. Moreover, I observed the mother crow to be more proactive, eager, and a Go-getter for the bounty. I may be wrong in my understanding but I found that generally, other crows do give way to her. This was a very pleasing trait to notice even if it is a perception fallacy.

This was going on for a few months and giving me 15 RAK (random act of kindness on Blacklotus app) points on a daily basis until one day I saw the set up differently. In this stage setup, I replaced ‘Myself’ by ‘Life or nature’ and ‘Crows’ by ‘Humans’. Now the setting is -life is throwing bounty for humans. I wonder with the utmost belief that life also operates on the same principle. Life/nature can not afford to neglect the one who is simple and docile. Nature surely pays attention to those who are not trouble makers and keeps the environs peaceful. Nature’s principle of randomness does ensure that the sick and the ‘Fate believers’ do get the chance. Somewhere the life takes a hit by seeing the agitators/clever.

Sometimes the life throws a big bounty to the one who is standing far away in silence and a mouthful piece of cake to the one who is waiting quietly and near to it in absolute containment.

What is a pigeon in this setup? I have no answer to this. But one thing is that they make friends with the life quicker than a crow. They do not mind to touch life, come very close to the life to an extent that they become fearless.



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