It is no secret that Mauritius is one of the most beautiful islands around the world. I am quite fortunate to be born here, but things are quite limited here. And being a tropical island there are funny things, special things, and extraordinary things that keep happening around. 

Gris Gris is one such place in the south of Mauritius. It is one of the most dangerous places that exist on the island. There are no coral reefs surrounding the region and the waves of the sea are so violent that if you’re in a boat and you happen to be around, the waves will carry you and your boat and would throw you so violently against the mountain Cliff that everything will shatter to pieces and disappear into the depths of the sea.

La Roche qui Pleure (The Crying Rock) Is an extraordinary natural phenomenon that occurs at that place. It is believed that the rock cries upon all the souls that were lost there. It is also the most dangerous place. If you were too close to the sea, you would be dragged away even if you were standing on the shore. The crying rock stands as a silent statue witnessing all these departed souls. 

🙏🏼Hari Om🙏🏼