Swamiji, sastang pranam at your lotus feet. How can I extend my gratitude to the editorial team who are kind enough to go through my blogs to make them featured posts, the latest being Sahil’s blog to get the coveted title. It is all your blessings and karuna Prabhu ji. Love you for all the changes you have brought in my life and in-turn in our family life.

Today, let me narrate the hilarious story of Samil’s birth! On 28th December, Sahil had offline school. I dropped him at the school in the morning and Sanghamitra told me that she would bring him back from the school on her 2 wheeler despite my vehemoth resistance. You know, High Court verdict has no stand against Supreme Court Ruling πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. I think that’s why Swamiji chose to be Swamiji 🀣.Jokes apart, Sanghamitra is quite head strong and carries out the task once she determines to do it.

The great Hyderabadi road played its nice role and she had a nice bumpy ride of about 8 kilometers to and fro! It was way too much for Samil to bear and he took position and determination to come out thinking enough was enough πŸ˜…! This mummy is really horrible. She took Maternity Leave (ML) just 2 days before. Until 24th Dec, she was going to Bank and trying her level best to make India a USD 5 Trillion economy πŸ˜‰! (Aaj main pit sakta hoon, office mein hi rah jaun kya?)

Anyway, Samil taking position, started his mummy’s irritation😁. Sahil and I saw the effect of that precipitation😊. Early on 29th December morning, she complained severe stomach pain. I was quick to respond and told her to be ready to visit the doctor. Voila! She followed me! (one of the rare occasions 😁)Β  We drove to the hospital in our car. The duty doctor went gung ho on us after determining the baby’s position.

She shouted, ” How careless you people are. Your operation is at 10 AM and you are coming casually at 8:30. This is the problem with the young generation and late marriage.” We could not understand her point. We just wondered who decided the operation time and when πŸ˜…? She went on shouting until she saw our 10 year old first child called Sahil. She was shocked πŸ˜‰, but recomposing herself, again started with even louder tone, ” You people already have a kid and still so much carelessness and so on…” She can be a good politician I suppose πŸ˜…!

Later we came to know that 29th December 2021 was an auspicious day and expecting mothers had booked their slots for operation on that day 🀣. We were the Gate Crashers / unplanned intruders. It took a while to realize the truth for both the parties. That day, 8 babies were born via C-section operation at the hospital. Anyway, after the confusion was doused, Sanghamitra was administered with pain inducing medicines to induce more labour pain (by the way why is it called ‘labour pain’πŸ€”? please enlighten me) for a normal delivery. But even after trying for 2 hours, there was no result and finally I was told that she would be operated upon.

I came back home to take the already packed bag. (Mind you, Sanghamitra is very very systematic and always carries a to-do list right from Sahil’s pending homework to making FDs and goes on ticking it 😊). In the mean time, I received a call from Hospital Nurse to come quickly to sign the operation form (Munna Bhai, aap ke itne bolne ke baad bhi abhi bhi form bharna padta hai!🀣🀣🀣). I told her that, I would be there within 10 minutes. Then came a nice repeatition scholding of “how irresponsible you…”. (I think I can do a standup comedy on this πŸ€”) Actually, whenever there is a delivery case, the hospital staff are acquainted with over-crowded attendants. But ours was completely opposite case😊.

Let me clarify all the readers that Sanghamitra lost her mother in 2005 to Cancer. My mother has been ill since a long time and my father takes care of her. We do not have any relative ladies who could come for our support. And being confident that Swamiji is with us, we tried to do it ourselves. We are not blaming anyone for this as we have no options and I was keen to test my new found confidence under demanding situation along with the already strong Sanghamitra.

I rushed back to the hospital on my 2 wheeler as there was no time to bring the car in the traffic conditions. I signed the form and she was taken for operation. In the mean time one of my senior Odia colleague Mr. Shaswat Patra, was informed by Sanghamitra. He immediately took day off, came back from office and brought his wife Smt Chinmayee Patra to the hospital. Chinmayee bhabhi stayed with us in the hospital while, Shaswat Bhai drove Sahil to his house and cooked chicken curry for us, as I was too hungry by then. But until the arrival of Swamiji’s baby, I decided not to eat anything.

Finally Samil was born at 11:57 AM. The nurse came out and heralded the arrival of a baby boy demanding her share of ‘inaam’. Now luckily, I had a lady by my side😊😁🀣. Immediately she was summoned inside to take a look at the baby. After 15 minutes I was ‘granted’ the permission to enter inside the maternity ICU to have a glimpse of the baby under the condition that I should not peep at other ladies πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰! I just closed my eyes and went straight to Sanghamitra’s enclosure. I was taken aback to see the new born red baby after which Samil was taken to infant ICU for observation and external milk feeding. The nurse was titillating at me saying “Your wife got rid of her tummy after the delivery. But how will you get rid of yours?πŸ˜…πŸ˜…”

In the mean time I took the first pic of Samil and sent the same to Ashram e-mail ID for Swamiji’s glance. I had some confusion regarding the e-mail ID which I got clarified from Shalini Pandey ji and with her jurno-instinct she guessed that we had our baby. (She knew about Sanghamitra’s pregnancy a month before). So she was the first person to know about Samil’s arrival even before our family members (now digest thatπŸ˜…!) Of course, she is our os.me family member. After the e-mail, I posted the already drafted blog and informed all the stakeholders of both the families. After that, I grabbed a snicker. Actually, it is my habit to wear cargo pants when I am on Official Tour at various labs in India including Defense labs and I carry Snickers in one of the pockets for instant huger satiation to carry on with work even without lunch😊! The habit came handy here.

At about 4 PM, Sanghamitra was about to be shifted to the room from ICU. By that time, Chinmayee ji went back home as Shaswat ji was having a horrible time with two kids – Sahil and his own son Shreyansh, aged 7. The nurse asked me the million dollar question: “don’t you have anyone elderly lady along with youπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”?” to which I replied in negative. She expressed her utter dissatisfaction which might have 2 reasons. First: We were careless people. Second: She sensed that, I might continuously disturb her to do all the work that an elderly lady was supposed to do to help out Sanghamitra like wiping her, help in breast feeding the baby etc..!!

Anyway, Sanghamitra was shifted to the room with attendant bed being occupied by me. I was just seeing around and figured out that all the maternity rooms were filled with elderly lady relatives of the new mothers and their gents relatives were sitting / sleeping in the outside lounge area. We were the only exception. Every time, a nurse entered inside our room, she would declare “all the gents member, please go out” and I had to come out😊! Again the same question was asked as the duty nurses kept on changing. We had to take repeated hits of the question at least a million times πŸ€” in the 72 hours which we spent in the hospital.

On the third day, Sanghamitra was so annoyed with the question that she literally blasted at a nurse,” We don’t have anybody. What should we do? Should we not deliver babies or should we hire some lady on rent from Amazon?” The nurse became silent. I winked at the nurse πŸ˜‰as I have seen Sanghamitra achhe achhon ko chup karate hue with her logical arguments. After all she is MSc. Statistics Gold Medalist πŸ€”!

I would like to sincerely thank P Uma Devi, my colleague who helped us in the first night while Rakhi Rawat, Sanghamitra’s colleague cum friend, who spent the entire second night with Sanghamitra as her attendant and I had some sleep at home after almost 36 hours (two hectic days and a whole nighter). I offer gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Patra for taking care of Sahil for three days of our hospital stay and providing food for us.

Finally on 1st January 2022, we were discharged from the hospital and drove back to home. I applied for Paternity Leave, did a lot of cooking (70 percent non-veg πŸ˜‰and 30 percent veg😊), baby sitting (I am still doing), maternity care, baby items shopping and Hollywood Movie watching. Two movies are suggested for all the readers: 1. Lucy, 2. Matrix.(Hindi dubbed version is also available on Amazon Prime). Both will boost your confidence. Both carry the message: If you believe in yourself, you can be confident enough to handle any situation like Neo in Matrix and confidence comes only when you work out of your comfort zone.

By 12th January, Sanghamitra was back in full action with significant improvement everyday, sheerly with her strong will power. Her stitching wounds were healing very fast and I chipped in with my cameo contributions. I joined office on 14th Jan 2022 and am coming regularly. As I am carrying out some experiments in my Neutron Lab, I got some time to document our story and offer my gratitude to all the stakeholders.

Just let me tell all of you, that Sahil’s birth was also no different than the above story, just the hospital was different and a cheaper one as per our standard of living at that time! Hope, I have not bored you. Jai Shri Hari…