This post may not be for everyone and before you read and get bored I must say: I have only written about how I dealt with my PCOD and treated it over the years if that’s relevant in anyway to you read on.

After years of struggling with the condition of PCOD which in addition to making appearance challenging in public ran my emotions wild with episodes of sadness that would last days. All females go through the cycle of increase and decrease in progesterone and estrogen levels during menstrual cycle but PCOD makes it more challenging . Despite that if I could get rid of only one symptom of PCOD it would have been the hair part. Its hard to fit into today’s world where many of us are increasingly more unsure of themselves on the top of that when we live with a burden of something unwanted it makes things x times tougher.

In my case things didn’t change overnight and to a great extent they still haven’t changed. PCOD is a lifestyle disease that cannot be cured with some medicine course of few months. I am not a doctor, this is only based on my own experience of around 8 months where the doctor put me on contraceptive pills which gave me weight gain and more irregularity when the medicines stopped. If doctors had a cure for it I didn’t get my hands on that.

I turned to Ayurveda and took some Patanjali medicines along with daily practice of pranayama. That made some difference but my diet was still unhealthy as I was living away from home and mostly eating outside. Recently I made strict diet changes with cutting out refined sugar completely which is very hard for me as I have a sweet tooth. Since childhood I have had a weakness for sweet things like chocolates and ice-creams. In book “A million thoughts” swamiji explained one practice of tyaga where we had to give up something that we thought we couldn’t live without so I took the plunge of quitting refined sugar in all forms for one year. Now I am taking only jaggery. I also used to drink tea allot multiple times a day so left that as well. First few days were expected to be tough but now its okay.

I also made exercise and pranayama part of daily routine before office. I read up on ayurveda and understood how all of us have different doshas predominant in our bodies. For this I read Deepak Chopra’s books and took his online quiz. I also consulted one ayurvedic practitioner which led to the conclusion that I had around 80% vata and 20% pitta. This kind of people are vata dominant and on negative side it leads to overthinking, anxiety, restlessness and insomnia among other things. This was totally me I could relate so I made some more changes suggested by Ayurveda to balance the vata. One was to get regular massages called Abhangya which calmed my nerves. For vata dominant people out there massages are very important and should be done frequently with heavy oils like almond. 

I do slip up here and there but after so many changes my condition is far better at physiological level. PCOD is under control and after dealing with root cause I got laser done for the aesthetic part. So today no-one looks at me the same way, no-one makes fun of me and yet on the inside I have a lot to work on. What people say to us is just a miniscule part of the torment, its what we say to ourselves and my mind still goes into these episodes of overthinking like “this thing could go haywire anytime, what are you going to do then? you are still not exactly hair free they are just reduced what if in intimate relationships it comes back to haunt you.”

Sometimes they are the other way round- “where if my confidence why can’t I accept myself. Why do I keep looking for validation outside? Why do I keep comparing myself to others? Why doesn’t my mind ever stop talking maybe this is the real culprit.” My overthinking is a recent discovery and even during meditation it just keeps going. So overall this small battle is temporarily won but internal tendencies are still strong and I keep trying to overcome them. 

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