“Devi, what brings you here?”

Bowing down to the ground and taking a fistful of earth in my right hand, I opened my palms in front of them.

“This is my reason”, I replied, emphasising on the soil. “Bhudevi is aching in excruciating pain due to the atrocities committed daily by humanity. Sri Hari, being Bhupati (the husband of mother earth), is bound to relieve her suffering. But the time of his descent has not yet arrived. Till he descends, being his expansion and his daughter, it becomes my responsibility to sustain Bhudevi in every way possible. And for this endeavour, I need your help.”

A conglomeration of various beings gathered around me and offered me their obeisances. Blessing them with my right palm in Abhaya mudra ( mode of fearlessness), I said,” Yakshas, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Nagas, Rakshasas, Asuras, Devas, Yogis, Yoginis, Bhairavas, Kinnaras, rishis and Siddhas, I come here in anticipation of your alliance to aid my endeavour. Help me in relieving the ache of Bhudevi, who in many ways is the basis of our existence. Till Sri Hari arrives, we have to save her in every way possible.”

Rambha, the head of apsaras and my Sakhi, replied,” Devi Kumari, we are with you. But how can we help in this endeavour? We are not human beings and hence don’t have the physical body to perform the necessary action. Even if we want to, we can’t. To do what you are asking us, we have to take on a human body, and if we do that, we will be bound to the laws of the physical, again in which case, our powers will get restricted as it has, with you.”

Listening to Rambha’s enquiry, everyone in the conglomeration started murmuring. I raised my hand, signalling them to stop. I replied,” What you are speaking is genuine, Rambha, but I am not asking you all to aid in this endeavour directly.”

“Then how, Sakhi?” Rambha asked.

“All of you who are here are present in their subtle bodies. If we see from one aspect, it is a disability to perform the needed action, but if you all see it through my perception, it is the greatest advantage.”

“How, Devi Kumari?” Asked Pushpadanta, the head of Gandharvas.

“Very soon, a movement will be initiated by the Siddhas concerning the issue, and I need you all to aid the humans who will join the cause.”

“Won’t you lead it, Devi?’ Asked Shesha, the naga who adorns my father’s resting place in the Vaikuntha.

I smiled and then replied,” I don’t lead, Shesha. Leading is not my role. Bhulok is already filled with great beings leading humanity into a beautiful possibility. I have other things to execute.”

“If you permit, can we know what will you be doing?” Asked Pingal, a yaksha who is very close to me, with his hands folded in namaskar.

“Yaksha Pingal, you will very soon know it. Devi Sari and Devi Kishori are already on their way to executing their part. Before they come, I have to be ready so that the next phase of the plan goes smoothly, and I hope you will aid me in achieving it.”

He replied, overwhelmed,” What I have is all yours, Devi. Your wish is my command. We will do exactly what you say.”

I joined my hands in namaskar mudra, closed my eyes and said,” Oh Yakshraj Kubera, I invoke you here. Please grace us with your presence and help me in fulfilling my endeavour.”

“I am at your service, Devi”, replied Kubera, folding his hands and bowing down to me.

“Yaksharaj, very soon the initiative will be launched. I want all the yakshas to influence the people’s minds in business and corporates to join this initiative. Make them realise that the initiative has their best interests in mind.”

“It will be done, Devi. I still remember Vaikunthapati coming to me and asking for a loan to marry Mahadevi. Just see the play of time, Srinilaya has again graced me by asking for help.”

I blinked my eyes with a soft smile reciprocating his feelings.

“And what about us, Kumari?” Asked Tilottama, one of the apsaras, my Sakhi, curling her hair with the index finger of her right hand,  exhibiting her seducing smile, followed by 107 apsaras behind her back forming a V.

I replied,” Tilottama, Rambha, Menka, Urvashi, you influence the minds of the celebrities and film stars who are in Bhuloka to join the cause and also help those people who are aiding the endeavour by making them appealing and charismatic.”

She nodded by blinking her enchanting eyes slowly and looking at her companions, who did the same nod to me, signalling their collaboration.

Looking at the Gandharvas and Pushpadant, I said,” You influence the mind of musicians to do the same.”

They all nodded and did namaskaram to me.

“Why should we help you, Kumari?” Asked one of the demons dismissively.

I looked straight into his eyes and replied authoritatively,” Imagine the bhuloka for which you are in constant clash with the devas cease to exist. What will you do then? Whom will you conquer? Shoonya? Emptiness? Use your brains, at least. The same situation arrived when the universe became Shriheen(without the opulence of Shree) by Maharishi Durvasa’s curse, and Asuras and Devas had to align themselves to do Manthan to restore Shree. Similarly, every being has to align themselves together with the humans to protect Bhuloka; otherwise, Pralaya (apocalypse) is inevitable.”

“Devi Kumari is speaking the truth.” 

The voice came from behind the crowd where Daityas were standing.

“We are with you, Kumari,” said someone very dear to me.

“Mama Ji”, I replied as he approached me from behind the crowd and stood in front of me. I touched his feet, and he blessed me.

“As the king of daityas, I, Maharaja Bali of Sutal Loka, pledge my alliance in your endeavour.”

“Dhanyavad Mamaji”, I replied with a grin on my face.

“All hail Devi Kumari”, the conglomeration started echoing with the slogans.

I raised my hand again, signalling them to stop.

“Dear Kumari,” asked Mamaji. “Everything is okay, but the main question is will the humans be interested in saving their planet? We will aid them in every possible way, but the final choice rests with them. If they do not take any initiative, we can not do anything.”

Hearing Mahabali’s reply the whole crowd stared at me.

I replied,” Mamaji, that is true. I will do my level best to inspire them to take the initiative, but they have to realise saving Mother Earth is their prime responsibility. By joining this endeavour, they will be helping Sri Hari to fulfil his long-lasting promise to Bhudevi and securing a special place in Vaikuntha.”

Mahabali replied,” Isn’t Vaikuntha a big prize in exchange for their participation?”

I replied with a smile,” Mamaji, you very well know, profit and loss happen in business, not in devotion. Those who genuinely devote themselves to this initiative will attain to Vaikuntha, and this is Kumari Srinilaya’s promise.”

“Sadho Sadho”, Mahabali replied, overwhelmed with my response.

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