The Definition of Education

According To Swami Vivekananda

Yesterday, i.e, 12 January, was the 159th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. This day is also celebrated as the National Youth Day in the country. We, a few members who are a part of a cultural group, remembered him on this day. 

Swamiji’s teachings and messages are very powerful and extraordinary. Today, I want to share with you what he thought real education was. He said,

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”

The very first time I read this definition, it got etched in me. This simple line is packed with deep spiritual insight. I want to take up three words here—education, manifestation and perfection

The English word ‘education’ comes from Latin roots and means to ‘bring out’, ‘bring up’, ‘lead forth’ etc. But conventionally, our approach has been to ‘fill’ students with knowledge, skills, morals and values. But, to educate means to ‘bring out’ what’s inside. And Swamiji’s idea about education is perfectly in sync with the word’s etymology. 

Swamiji says, there is already perfection in us. And the role of education is to help manifest that perfection. The role of a teacher, in the light of this definition, is to facilitate that ‘unfolding’. 

Generally we think we are far from being perfect, and it’s actually true in a way. But, we are all perfect in the deepest core of our beings. And Swamiji is taking us there. Unless education helps to manifest that inner perfection, it’s not complete. 

I pay my deepest respects to Swamiji. 🙏 May we all be inspired like him. 

Jai Shri Hari 🍁

Thank you.
Image Credit: Wikipedia & modified by me. 

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