The destined tale

This was something that left me and my friend wondering about destiny..

That was a beautiful Tuesday.. Sunny day..clear sky..we used to go out a day trip..both being fascinated by temples and also my friend being spiritual had influenced me too in visiting temples often..specially the old historical ones..thus here we drive again,but before that I asked my friend ,where shall we go,as our plans are random.He said ,”let’s drive onto the highway and decide from there.”
I took the wheel…driving is something I love to do. Starting from our location at around 10am we reached the Bangalore-mysore highway within 10 minutes as our starting point was also nearby.
All of a sudden he said,”let’s go to Mandya, Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple”.
Excited I said ,”fine let’s go.”
Googled for the directions and the distance was mentioned 153kms,we just cruzed on that I love driving I was excited for the drive.
The car was already fueled previous day so there was no stop..a nonstop drive. When it comes to any trip my friend always sleeps in every drive,he has this amazing talent of going to sleep within seconds of closing the eyes.I always wonder how can one fall to sleep so fast..
Thinking about the same I was driving towards the destination, I turned to my left once and my talented friend had already fallen asleep..😂..let me tell you he is my close friend since 9 years..and he is 15 years elder to me..but we are so bonded that our differences never matter..
Now you might know then that talent of my friend also might not make any difference in the drive..
But his talent lasts for 20-30 minutes only as i always turn the drive off road even if the roads are flat,just to wake him up😉
After driving for a little more than 2 hours we reached a point where we had to drive off highway into the village leading to real off road bumpy roads..loved it..!
Once we drove in for around 10kms from the highway the village beauty was a treat for us to watch..
On to the left there was a tender coconut water stall..where we stopped the car ,got off it and that lazy body stretch was so friend went into the coconut farm to attend his nature cal (if you know what I mean😂)
Here starts the story..
He came back and we took few snaps in that wonderful atmosphere and village pictures..we now had parked our car next to a tender coconut water stall for almost half an hour but we were in no mind going for that cool coconut drink…
But after getting into the car my friend said,”let’s have coco drink.” I said,”fine let’s have one.”
We got out of the car and couple of steps ahead towards the stall I found a 10 rupees not on the roadside and asked my friend ,”did you notice that earlier when we got down?”…
He said ,”no but surely it was not there earlier,anyways we will drop it into the temple hundi (offering box).”
We had this belief always that if we find any such money valuables and if we don’t find the owner of the same we pick it and drop into the temple hundi and it will reach the owner in some form and will be blessed.
I said ,” fine let’s do that.” He picked up the 10 rupees note and put into his pocket..and we left from there..after driving a mile we realized we didn’t do what we got down for….coco drink.. Anyways we had come ahead and wanted to reach the temple ASAP.
We drove ahead talking to each other that we shall give that 10 rupees to any needy on the way if find any ,even that will be good. Nodding to those words we drove enjoying the beautiful nature and cool breeze hitting our faces ..
But God had different plan… in a remote place enjoying the drive we drove ahead and on the way where no one was to be found we came across this very old aged lady she was probably aged 90+.. We drove ahead as we just had glance of her through the speedy drive..after going ahead for nearly 500mts I stopped the vehicle roadside and said to my friend,” can we give that 10 rupees to that old village lady she seemed needy, he said,”great yes”.
I drove the car in reverse for 500mts and there she was an old lady with fresh flower garland in her hand for selling and making few bucks just to buy toffees for her grand children as she said.
He got down and went to the lady and offered her that 10 rupees which would help her at least to a bit. Something flashed my mind then I said to my friend,” also add a 100 to that and give it to her it will help and she will relieved and happy.” He said,” I had the same on my mind too,great.” On offering her the money, she hearlty blessed us and got back into the car.
Before moving a kid,one of her grand children came running and handed us over the garland🙂accepting the return loving offer we waved a goodbye and left…on the way ahead my friend said ,” the temple is said to be very calm place and an energy centre, and it is also believed that whatever good you ask as wish for will be granted within 3months time..which was also witness with many of the devotees life changing miracles.”
Listening to the those words had me thinking,”God does everything through us…but at the end we don’t realize often that its also for us.” and a pinch of smile on my face..driving ahead.
After a few kilometers we reached our destination. The temple on the bank of a river and that was cool evening.
To offer pooja we went to stall next to the parking for pooja items like camphor,agarbattis,coconut,banana,kumkum and flowers.
After getting the pooja basket with the flowers we realised about the garland that old lady gave us and we added the garland to basket and walked into the temple…
We were said at the stall that its an 18 feet tall idol of Bhoo varaha Swamy along with Bhoodevi. As we got Into temple and closer to the idol..we felt the energy and wonderful vibes and there he was BhoovarahaSwamy with Bhoodevi on his lap.
Mesmerized by his elegant eyes we stood there for few minutes.
Then we came out of the and sat in the temple premises for while. Our hearts were filled with joy and feeling blessed.
We went for a small walk alongside the riverbank river hemavati.
The walk was something special with that wonderful Darshan rewinding in our thoughts wanting to be there for more time but had to leave..we came to the parking, looked at the temple again once with filled eyes and got into he car and left with decision and desire within ourselves of visit again and again.
The return drive unfortunately my friend displayed his talent to the core almost throughout return drive😂..I turned to my left after a kilometre and was like ,”again!” 😂.
Anyways now the destination was home and drive was cool as I enjoy driving always and after driving for 3 cool hours we reached our destination.
My friend woke up and before getting out of the car and rushing into the house I said to my friend
,” did u notice something?” He said,”what?” I continued,” we didn’t want to go for a coconut drink we got down once ,the same spot didn’t find anything,later making up our minds for a coco drink we got down again at the same spot and found this destined 10 rupees note picking it up we didn’t go to the coco stall, rather we pulled up the seat belt and moved further…later that 10 rupees was destined to reach that lady who out of nowhere was present there and it was like as if she was waiting for us only…and we crossing her place and getting back to her again…and then she blessed us with that garland which we had no thought of as to where that will be used or reach. Later that garland had to get into the pooja offering basket which came to our minds on time at the right place. It was like Swamy himself got that garland to him through us from that old lady who could barely walk and for the introduction of whom there was an 10 rupees note waiting to serve the purpose….”

Thinking of this we had goosebumps as my friend added,” on the return drive I observed the exact remote place where we met that old lady there was no sign of anyone or any shelter or anything as if its a no mans land.”it was completely a wonderful experience and feeling that we were a part of this destined tale…