I wish I lived in the mountains, where the air is as free as me . Have no offence to the way of prescribed familiarity. Just want to taste the familiar for a while. There should be a way of living a pretty decent life. where people don’t live behind some face identity. I understand some may have a thought of how sallow or a cliché mindset. But the fun part is that it’s absolute to live a sallow livelihood.

How do you measure the deep or facile a person is?!

Why are there centimeters and kilometers involved to justify how a particular identity should behave like. Everything is a pre-defined notion of the superficial layer of the human dust that cause us to behave like a jerk from time to time.,

Relax, and enjoy the weather someday. You will understand how peaceful life behaves. We hope for a lot of things to be there so that we could be successful and be full of life at the same time. Indeed, who is that blessed man who has been liberalized from that sought of business (there is always a room for the exceptions).

Mankind is so bloody noble that it has completely out raged the theory of their own existence. Ahhhh…! Got to be a sign of something…. I wonder. Preferably we are all being used and over developed to behave like a dumbass. Who trash bag their own dirty garments with their ultra-detergent of disinfected protocols.

Sad. If it is being deep, then I prefer being sallow and vice versa. How different it can be to make a differences? Just asking the nobleness; to be little sarcastic with their depth of these darkest despairs. Stop looking at the same side of the coin. You will get nowhere, have the (I don’t know which word will fit in well) to describe the emotion of tuning the coin. Even time change, people change. Then what is the HARM in changing the coin. The most beautiful thing of the coin is that it is at you will. You may feel that you are half way there but at the same time you may be nowhere.

Simple, time change as the coin change. Wonderful and overly impactful for those who understand the power of their decent wellbeing. Can we make a simple thing more simple? No, right it has been provided to us in the simplest form or the purest form of the nature.

Why should the alchemy of gold be trashed down to any other metal? When the purest form is never being bifurcated to anything else but its own self. Why……?!

We might know the way it’s there present in the alchemy of our DNA. But the thing is being we ready to flip it……???
Will it be great to or the time will stop and we can freeze there for eternity? Who wants to live for eternity? Is there any vision and goals to be there forever? Or is all these a cliché concept that we have built from a few decades.

Are we behaving like dinosaurs…???