Master, when I think of you, I lose myself in you.

I cry to meet you in person, and you never let me down by satiating my thirst.

The way I perceive you in my dreams, is as real as I am keying these words.

As a disciple, I offer you my inner self, which is the purest form of me, unscathed from all evils.

You have taught me to keep my inner self in equanimity at all times. There could be ripples of emotions outwardly, but, deep down there is stillness. Like Buddha, I sit in your lap with no thoughts, just being in the present.

I don’t even know what is that, that has dawned over me with your grace. It’s unexplainable state of mind, as there is no reference for it to compare. It’s an ever encompassing quietude.

Master, I bow to you in reverence.

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