The Divine Aroma

Every night when I retire, I sit in my asana in my bed for a short meditation. Once it happened that while meditating, I was deeply thinking about Swamiji and His beautiful glowing face. Not even 5 minutes had passed when a wonderful aroma tingled my senses. I could imagine the flowers in the Ashram garden and the ones in the Shri Hari Mandir. I felt as if Swamiji is sending His blessings towards me along with this fragrance. Totally immersed in the blessings and the scent I was feeling ecstatic and was smiling as I was reminded of all the stories of divine fragrance by other devotees. All this made me feel incredibly special and divine myself.

After 20 minutes or so I stretched myself to sleep with my 8-year-old daughter who was already half asleep. She asked me why I was smiling during the meditation. I thought she won’t understand so I started relating to her one of the stories of Devotee Nikunj ji and her experience of the divine aroma. Then I told my daughter that I too had the similar experience tonight and so was feeling happy. I further told her that I could still smell the perfume.

The little girl just frowned at me and while turning her back said, “Mom, it’s probably the new mosquito repellant with flowery cologne.”

Oh yes, how could I miss that? With my mistake realized, I was suddenly knocked to reality. How desperately I want the divine riches without actually deserving any? How seriously, I have always wished that may be due to some past karma or connection with Swamiji I will reap the divine fruit?

Many times, I feel that I am one of His favorite Gopi’s or perhaps Draupadi or Yashodhara reborn. I may be unaware of my divinity, but Swamiji has surely come, all the way from His heavenly abode, just for me.

On the flip side, many of my days have passed completely occupied prioritizing my various professional sessions, home commitments, socializing etc. As many other days, that day too I missed my morning meditation and could not even attend to the short meditation through the Black Lotus App. Still how callously I wish that one day I will awaken to reality of Devi in me, without realizing how conveniently I am wasting my precious moments.

Long back I had read a story somewhere that a sulking boy was sitting on a river side complaining to God that why he was so poor and destitute. As he was brooding and complaining he was also throwing stones in the river thoughtlessly. Suddenly when he came to senses by the calling of a friend, he realized that he was actually holding a diamond. In his constant grumblings he did not realize that many of the stones he had thrown were actually the diamonds that were scattered around him. He was lucky to get back to reality when at least one last diamond was there in his hand. Quite similarly, I feel fortunate enough to be knocked to the value of present moment while I am still alive.

I am highly grateful to Swamiji, who spoke to me through my little girl. No matter what we have been in our past lives or whatever our relation must have been with Swamiji, we have to work hard to make the best of every moment in hand, realistically assess and expect the results rather than be desperate about them or imagining them.

Through one of her songs, “Saaso ki mala pe simru main pi ka naam…”, Saint Meera has expressed that every moment and every breath of ours must be dedicated in His remembrance and gratitude. That way we can disengage our awareness from the entanglements of daily emotions and consciously focus and act in the present moment. We may be achieving great personal or professional goals but in order to bloom with inner joy and happiness, we need to realize the importance and value of diamond-like moments in hand.

Dear Swamiji, I do not know about my past lives but I am sure that at least I am one of the stamped sheeps for whom You have come on this earth. Thank you for all your efforts and blessings. Pranams 🙂

Jai Shri Hari 🙂