October 2018 and my colony group of 250 women named Green park helping hands which is usually full of queries and answers for residents looking for cooks ,gardners,drivers ,tutors ,carpenter, plumber s contact details or asking each other water ,electricity or garbage van position flashed a message! The message was from U 31 resident Gurleen with a child s picture, aiims opd card and a message asking anyone who wanted to help the boy named Neeraj soni in showing him to Aiims doctor and take an appointment for his brain surgery. Since her husband and mother inlaw will not allow her to visit as often to help someone, she asked if someone wanted to do this noble act! ITill then i had watched Swamiji s vedio on philanthropy telling if you really want to help someone go to a government hospital put a table outside and sponsor a poor person s operation or make him understand what doctor says or get his tests done; the Charity i knew untill then was going to blind school and donating on my grand parents death anniversary or my father making a vegetable vendor s child have a dairy milk choclate as a surprise or i often bought hot samosas in winter and gave them to random people on bycycles or bus stop near Aiims hospital.Also used to give 1 rupee each day to leppor begar sitting near my kid s bus stop.With introduction of black lotus app ,my attending Satsangs aswell kids now independent to manage there chores i had decided to somehow help government hospital patient, i dint know the way though ,hundres of time i had seen there attendant sleeping on pavement in 3degrees temperature of Delhis biting cold ,but even if i wanted to act like many Blanket distributor samatarians ,i dint know how can i manage hundred of unorganised needy people. I had neither had as much resources, strength and time but always intention was there.So i gave a personal message to Gurleen the lady who had seeked hospital seva help ,and promised i ll show Neeraj soni to the Chest specialist who would approve his final operation date as all his pre operation test were done! Neeraj Soni was a 12 year old orphan boy, the Child welfare committee Delhi had some how approached aiims social work department to help him with his brain tumour operation, he was slowly loosing his vision and often lost his consciousness and bladder control! Neeraj used to live with his paternal Grand step mother! His mother died of asthma when he was 3 and his father was a drunkard who died when Neeraj was 10 and class 4 student of Sivvai vilage in Up , Since his fathers biological parents had died too and his mother according to hiis Step grand mother was purchased from market( so shocking that this is a prevlant practice in u.p and haryana villages) So his sauteleee daadi who was herself 70 and below middle class brought him to Delhi and used to cook for him and get his clothes cleaned by her biological son s wife and daughter-in-law! For further how Neeraj went through a brain tumour operation, redeveloped it and smiled in coma too on my calling him ,please keep following…

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