Despite many dissimilarity, we all have one thing in common- “Ye Dil Maange More” πŸ˜‰. We love experiences and hence we are here. It’s just another stop of the Divine adventurous journey. God is doing so much for us and still we have complaints. We are here, because we wanted to. We are so much absorbed in the journey that we have forgotten our way back home. And Hence, Masters like Swamiji are here to wake us up. Our soul experience this physical realm through this body but now we are so much identified with this body and the experiences perceived through it, that we have lost our real identity which is eternal and beyond, which is free of suffering, which has the real freedom. We must walk freedom from within and only an awakened Master can guide us in this process. Since our tendencies are different, our situations are different and hence our requirements are different. Our baggages are different too. Life can only be enjoyed, when lived in a state of awareness and freedom. Otherwise it’s like a jail withΒ  different facilities as per your budget.Β