Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

I offer my obeisance to the divine in you.

When we think of writing any article I try to see things around me and I try to feel them and by the divine grace I always see something different which attracts my mind.Β 

Same thing happened today morning. Just a normal day starting at 04:30 am, a little bit studies for college exams and little bit of dhyana and at 05:45am I left my home for a daily morning walk. As I live in beautiful home of Divine Mother i.e., Himachal. And in this beautiful Himachal I live in a village full of nature. “Hamari subah Murge ki baang se nhi subah brahm-muhrat me Devi ke mandir ke shankh naad se hoti hai.” The time of morning is so blessed that one can hear the sweet voice of Koyal, Parrots, Pea cocks and other little birds and it seems like they are singing and serving the divine. In addition to there music the winds of Himalayas adds a voice and this combo is priceless you’ll not get this in well developed cities…

What I mean by the title? Is it so to catch your attention? Hahahaha…. somewhere it’s correct because we have to write a title to catch your attention. But yes the wind blowing in Himalaya is divine. Why it is divine? It is divine because it’s coming after touching the Lotus feet of Mahadev and Mata Parvati and this wind has the tendency to make the hair of divine mother to flow in her flow.

  • Ye wahi hawa hai jo Mahadev ki Jatao se hote huye aati hai.Β 
  • Ye wahi hawa hai jo Maa Bhawani ke anchal se hote huye aati hai.
  • Ye wahi hawa hai jisme Maa Bhawani ka Gajanan ke prati prem ka ehsas ghula hua hai.
  • Ye wahi hawa hai jisne Mahadev or Maa Bhawani ke vo sanvaad sune hai jinko ham shastra kehte hai.

So now tell ne, isn’t it divine?

Is there any question in it’s divinity.

I can’t imagine any touch here is not touched by divine…

I’m adding some pictures of morning walk in the media…. That’s the view I get every morning.

Thanks for reading.

Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

The divine wind blowing in himalaya 2 The divine wind blowing in himalaya 3 The divine wind blowing in himalaya 4 The divine wind blowing in himalaya 5 The divine wind blowing in himalaya 6 The divine wind blowing in himalaya 7 The divine wind blowing in himalaya 8

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