Finally, I am getting divorced… And I am eating my favourite pizza to celebrate the official breakup. It’s really strange that at one time, I wanted to save my marriage at any cost. I agreed to everything, went to various astrologers, did all the rituals and so-called upayas… Just to keep my marriage safe. I got reiki relationship healing done as well. In short, everything that could have been done to save that relationship, whose ‘ship’ was always on the verge of sinking.

And now when I am getting divorced, there’s a kind of peace. I can finally feel a great relief, and I am sure, so can my husband. 

I have lost many people and things during this difficult period, specifically my son. I gave the consent of custody to my husband during mediation as my kid doesn’t know me at all. He was taken away from me when he was thirty-eight days old. Of course I miss him every day, but jahan itna kuchh khoya..waha wo bhi sahi. Perhaps it was my destiny to just bring a soul on this earth.

I am sharing my story here not to be a pity figure. I am sharing it to normalise divorce. This word arouses a kind of pity or shock or maybe unpleasant feelings, most of the times. But when marriage is normal, then why not divorce?

As per the norms of our society, being divorced isn’t good. A person who’s divorced is looked down upon. This is the reason that many people are forced to stay in an unhappy marriage and make each other’s life difficult. We need to understand that “no good marriage ends in divorce”. It’s better to part ways and live life in a better manner rather than be in a difficult, rather non-compatible marriage, just to carry a facade of happy marriage.

We need to understand that divorce isn’t a stigma and it’s okay to be divorced. I remember one Hindi song here:

Na muh chhupa ke jiyo.. aur na sir jhuka ke jio, gamon ka daur bhi aye to muskura ke jio.’’

There’s only one life to live, and it must be lived in a beautiful manner.