During meetings ,school classes ,satsangs or Telephonic conversation when we have a pen and a paper at our disposal,the random patterns which we either draw on the side ,top or middle of the page or end of copy are known as Doodling. The word Doodle is inspired from German word Dudeldop or a noodle headed fool os Simpleton.Most little kids who start holding pencil ,crayon or parents pen doodle on paper or house walls.Doodling at times has therapeutic and stress relieving effect on our Psyche…because its an involuntary and random ,spontaneous act. Among some noteworthy and famous doodles besides u and me were Rabindranath tagore ,Ronald Ragon ,Bill Clinton,Leonardo di vinci ,John Keat and Alexander Pushkin. Each Doodle is unique in itself and spurs our creative inside. DOODLES also reveal different shades of our personality, temprament and mood……here are few to be mentioned…….
1)Human stick doodlerrs or people doodlers…These individuals yearn for company and are feeling insecure or lonely. 2) Signature doodles….Most Narscisist or over confident doodlers randomly keep writing their own name or its initials or it in different designs….i have done it often though ( please dont judge your meeraOM) 3) FLORAL pattern doodlers…..They are very creative and love to work as a team.
4)Eyes doodlers….They draw opened or closed eyes revealing seeing inside their inner self and introspection. Those who doodle closed eyes dont want to look inside their personalities. 5) Stairs doodlers…They are usually very bindaas and ambitious go getters. …6) Beehive doodlers……They usually always work in harmony and enjoy company. 7) Spider web doodlers…….They feel trapped in situations, relationships or jobs. Pessimists usually. 8) Little hut doodlers….They are very organised and meticulous people always Systematic. 9)Animal faces doodlers….they draw lions and tigers if in ager, dogs if they r loyal…or any animal which s trait they identify themselves with. 10) Star doodlers…These are very optimistic and positive people full of hope and faith. …. …. 11)Boats ,planes and Car doodlers…..These ones are craving for vacation and adventure. 12) Sun or clouds doodlers….They are usualy family oriented individual whos priority is living united and in harmony. 13)circles doodlers….These are usualy introvert people who like solitude and feel uneasy with world and socializing or gossiping. . 14)Shapes doodlers…Very simple and no nonsense clear headed people draw random straight line doodles. 15)Zigzag doodlers.. …These are the warrior or agressive lots always strong in character and fearless . 16) Spiral doodlers……they are Geniuses and no nonsense people least concerned about interfearing in others lives. 18)Crosses doodlers…..Very self critical individusls who keep judging their own self doodle crosses. 19 ) Chess board doodlers….they r in some dilema or uncomfortable pisition. 20) Square or diamond doodlers…Very clear headed and focused individual draw squares or diamonds on backs of their note pads. 21)Name of others doodlers…Either they are in deep love with the person whos name they have doodled or opposite. 22) Faces doodlers….Their own moods changes this doodle, so smiling face when happy and comic face when they want to be center of attraction. 23) mountain ,trees and sun with river doodlers…they are usualy open spaces and nature lovers who enjoy Divine creation! ……….24) Divine God’s image doodlers….Bhagtas or satsanangees doodle usualy randomly draw their ishts form on paper. Lets all of us see our copy margins or back of our register to tell in comments which category do we belong to my os.me community!