There lived one mystic who was also a very good painter. He would make the canvas alive with the stroke of his brush. His paintings held deep hidden spiritual messages but not everybody could understand his masterpieces just like the words of wise sages. Once he painted a human heart having a beautiful door. The painting was so magnificent that it could cast a magical spell on everybody to believe that the painting was infact depicting their own heart. However the door shown in the painting was closed. Everybody who saw the painting could not resist noticing the closed door. Not only this, when the painting was examined closely, the door was also not having any visible handle. 

          One critic approached the mystic painter and pointed this out. He asked “The door of the heart is closed and it has no handle even. How one can open the heart to God?”

             The mystic replied,”It is the door to the heart which it is always closed and has no handle to open it from outside. It is to be opened from inside. No body is allowed a forced entry into it and when God comes, He will knock. You will have the option to open the door of your heart from inside. There is always a handle inside.”

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