My Master 

This meeting with You is not the first one for sure 

This heart holds You unlike anyone known

Like the first rains that touch the barren earth 

Your glimpse in this life says that we have surely met 


Every year the earth is parched for a while 

Every year the rains come down to touch the soil

Every year the meeting may seem to be new

Yet the earth and the rains know they have met before


The memory of my soul is like the earth My Lord 

It awaits for Your arrival in every single life 

Each meeting it feels complete from within 

Nothing is the same after this divine blessing


After pouring out unending from the heavens  

The rains will stop and make way for the sun 

Yet the earth has its way to feel Your presence

It has held you safely deep within its existence  


My Master I am Your disciple since the start of time 

I have waited for You alone each life time 

Sometimes for a moment sometimes for a while 

Yet You descend for Your helpless devotee each time 


You will shower Your compassion on me again

I will drown in wisdom which only You can give 

My tears now inseparable from Your blessings 

One day one meeting will wipe away my existence


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