There once lived a demon named Maya. He had a son named vyomasura.  Right from his childhood,  vyomasura had enormous strength.  As he grew up, he acquired great magical powers and became tyrannical.  People began to fear him and tried to avoid confronting him.

One day, krishna and his friends were playing in  the fields. Vyomasura happened to spot them. He instantly assumed the form of cowherd and mingled in their group. Then, he began to kidnap krishna’s friends,  one by one. Krishna soon realized that his friends were disappearing.  Suddenly, he noticed a cowherd looking different from othere.

“Who are you?” Krishna fumed. At this, vyomasura resumed his monstrous form and attacked krishna. Krishna grabbed the demon by his legs, lifted him in the air and banged him on the ground. That was the end of vyomasura and saved his friends.

During krishna ‘s childhood he killed many demons who were sent by kamsa his maternal uncle. Truth always wins. In the end krishna killed his maternal uncle and freed his parents.

Jai sri krishna 🙏

The end of vyomasura 2

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