I am starting a new series of book recommendations wherein I will be suggesting novels that have a spiritual ground or are totally based on it. In each post I will be listing out one of the novels that touched me and which I think have the power to change something in the reader.

The first book on the list is ‘The English Teacher’ by R.K. Narayan. R.K. Narayan is one of the foremost writers in India who wrote in English in the last century. ‘The English Teacher’ is one of his best piece of work and is inspired by his own life to some extent.

The Book is based on the protagonist Krishna who is an English teacher and lecturer at Albert Mission College. His life is very mundane and monotonous. He learns to be a good husband when his wife and daughter come to stay with him in the college campus.

He has to look for a new home and soon his wife contracts typhoid and gets very ill. Krishna does everything to save her but she dies. Krishna’s life is hell broke after her death but his life changes completely when his wife communicates with him from other planes of existence. He goes on in search of enlightenment.

The book’s last quarter is replete with elements of mysticism and spiritual understandings. The side story of the headmaster who is not in good terms with his wife and children is also interesting. He leaves his house to never come back because he is fed up.

Due to an astrologer’s influence the Headmaster is scared that he will die on a specific day and leaves the house before the due date. Without touching on the plot too much, here is the first book I wanted to recommend.

The english teacher 2

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