Remember, in school, we were asked to prove math equations. So are we here in our life to prove our existence by means of a technique or a guru or an experience. We see everywhere this dual struggle between the religions, between the disciples of different masters, between the beliefs of each other. They all say, their way is the right way. And they go further to a next step, theres no other way better than their way.

Its same as in the math equation, you are asked to prove left hand side is equal to righthand side. One takes up the hold of one side and solves the other side, and makes the equation valid. After the conclusion, one declares, my method of solving is the correct one and stands on the left hand side. Its the same for others who stand on the right hand side and finally prove the equation.

Remember buddha said, ‘ Take the middle path”. Its in the middle that the truth lies.

The math equation is proved only when left hand side is EQUAL to right hand side. Almost everybody forgets the equality and stand on their hold.

Take the hold of the equality, stand in the middle, be the oneness and enjoy both the extremes of the duality. Life is proved to be a life when anchored on the central truth!!

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