As the darkness grew darker with time,

The icy gale sent shivers down my spine.

Stranded I was in this cave on a strange island,

No signs of escape, no source of warmth.

Doubts ripped my mind like a tsunami in full might,

Trying to devour the little courage I clasped so tight.


“Should I have listened to their advice,
And taken the conventional well-laid route in sight?

A cosy bungalow, sedan and two kids bright,

Isn’t that the track on which lives seemingly run alright?”


“But haven’t I lived amidst them until thirty?

Tasting both happiness and grief in plenty.

Living by the rules for long days and nights,

Trying to please and be pleased,

Yet more than often feeling hollow and despised.

Looking back I see a senseless chaotic affair,

Much better being on this quiet island afar.

Going back I no longer consider an option,

I know all it has to offer- the shrouded delusion.”


The self-talk worked like anesthesia on my frantic mind,

Dismissing all doubts, at once in itself it sublimed.

The path wasn’t clear but my direction all set,

Marching ahead amidst the sand, shrubs and streams,

I will, on my own, explore the unknown realms.


A thin ray of light wafted into my cave,

‘Sunrise it must be’ – so I guessed.

Stumbling out with the faint light restoring my vision

I stared at a bright sun just peeping from the horizon!

“Ah” I thought “such a lovely insight just dawned!”

“You sure would be around every corner my feet ever trace, 

Just a night’s wait and then your warm kiss on my face.

You are the living Lord I witness with open eyes,

By the warmth of Your Grace, earth flourishes with life ! “

Kneeling down, I joined my hands in worship,

A prayer of gratitude rushed out of my lips.

A flock of feathery friends alighted on the island,

Hopping in and out of the water, running along the sand.

Something filled my heart and surged and spread,

From my soul to the birds, trees, water and the sun shining red.

Delighted I was unlike ever before,

Rejoicing in the blissful lap of Mother Nature!

No longer was I judged, no longer was I forced,

Here I was reclaiming my connection with the Eternal Source ! 

Witnessing the numerous plays unfold every moment in front of my eyes,

How tiny, insignificant and powerless I am, yet so well provided for; I realised.

Tremendous serenity engulfed every iota of my being,

I felt free, like a child without a care but countless whims.

In the innermost depths of my soul, deep devotion and surrender swelled like a tide,

Drowning me in the ocean where endless love, compassion and bliss reside.