How beautiful are your eyes, 
With gazillion dreams inside…
What deeds I might have done,
That in bliss I always reside!! .

As you let yourself loose
And in my lap you unwind,
The mother in me today
Can sense a bit of pride. .

Pride that you’re now able,
Able in your own unique ways,
Showing your myriad facets 
And mesmerizing us always! .

You win us with your wit,
And that naughty grin on face,
My lill squishy bunny, you’re
Growing at such a pace!! .

It’s a wonder how time flies
This month YOU’LL TURN ONE
And I am here, all perplexed
 Trying To find the pause button! .

As you grow my baby, 
I just want you to know
That I am but an instrument
To help pursue your dream
To tell you that it’s possible
No matter how impossible it may seem .

Know, that you can do it all
And reach places far or near
If only you get gritty enough
To unravel WHY YOU’RE HERE? .

I’ll wait for you to wake up,
Wake up to this real world..
And toil with you throughout